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ABFM is searching for board-certified family physicians to provide us with a fresh perspective and experience about a variety of issues from website and Physician Portfolio design, development of independent assessment items, creation of new certification activities, or to serve as a member of a virtual network to provide general and issue-specific feedback that will help us continually improve the certification process.

We are seeking volunteers who represent a wide spectrum of practice types, locations, and scope of care. Physicians who have diverse practice experiences are desired, in order to reflect today's trends in practice. We are excited to work with you and learn about new ways to improve the certification process for you and your peers!

Below is a list of current engagement opportunities. These will change over time as new opportunities arise, so please check back often.

Become a member of ABFM’s Engagement Network

Provide feedback on a wide range of topics through intermittent, short surveys and open exchange of ideas among network participants and ABFM leadership and staff. If you are interested in an ongoing relationship with ABFM to provide this type of information over time, please complete the ABFM Volunteer Registration.

Interested in Optimizing the ABFM Website?

We listened to your feedback that our website was too busy, the content was too dense, and that we could be clearer in describing the requirements for certification. The redesign of our website’s front-end deployed in spring 2019. If you are interested in providing general feedback about the site or would like to participate in periodic usability testing, please complete the ABFM Volunteer Registration.  

We need you! Help us redesign the Physician Portfolio!

Diplomates and board eligible physicians, including residents, are the main users of the ABFM website. We know that you want to be able to get in, get the information you need with clarity and efficiently, and get out. In 2019, we will be exploring ways to redesign our Physician Portfolio to better meet your needs. If you are interested in being part of in-person or virtual focus groups to help us better understand your needs for the Physician Portfolio, please complete the ABFM Volunteer Registration.

Become a Standard Setter

Periodically, ABFM conducts a standard setting exercises to inform the Board of Directors’ review of the minimum passing standard. Work with your peers to review test questions and rate them with regard to the probability that a minimally certifiable examinee would answer them correctly. The analysis is conducted by staff and reviewed by the Board of Directors. Diplomates who have recently passed the examination may be eligible to participate. If you are interested, please complete the ABFM Volunteer Registration.

Help Assure Unbiased Examination Items

Serve on our Item Unbias Panel to help us identify biased in ABFM exam items. Annually, ABFM conducts an in-person focus group to review questions that have been statistically flagged as possibly being biased, either for or against designated minority groups.

We need Diplomates from minority groups who have recently passed the certification exam. If you are interested, please complete the ABFM Volunteer Registration.

Additional current focus group opportunities

Periodically, ABFM conducts focus groups to gain impressions about changes in the certification process that are being considered by the ABFM Board of Directors, as well as issues related to training standards for residency programs or critical to the discipline.  ABFM offers both virtual and in-person focus groups. 

If you are interested, please complete the ABFM Volunteer Registration.

Why volunteer?

As a volunteer, you do not only help ABFM and your colleagues, you also help yourself by learning more about the value of certification and its component parts.  Please contact us at volunteer@theabfm.org if you have further questions.


Volunteer Registration Form